Bathing lake Ftan

Bathing lake Ftan

The re-commissioning of the Lai Padnal bathing lake in Ftan is a great enrichment for our tourism as well as for the locals.

The bathing lake in Ftan is a natural lake fed by rainwater, embedded in native flora and fauna.

This project was launched on the initiative of Pro Ftan. After some hurdles, complaints and financing worries, which were solved thanks to crowdfunding, construction could begin in early June 2018, after a year’s delay.

The opening is planned for summer 2019 at the latest.

With the component “water” of the bathing lake Ftan gains additional recreational value for its guests.

Nothing new!

Between 1930 and 1980 there was already a bathing pond, the so-called Lai da Padnal. The private lake belonged to the high-alpine daughter institute Ftan and was then only to be used by its young boarding-school resident.

If locals wanted to cool off, they had to do that at night so they would not see anyone, as the village goes by. Over the years, the natural dam around the lake became brittle until the water finally drained away. Since then, the area is fallow.

Today, only a hollow, an embankment and a concrete mole reminds of the bathing pleasure of those days.

Here are some impressions of yesterday, today and tomorrow:

Current status

You will find the current status of the construction works regularly updated on the website of the association pro-Ftan under